We help our clients carry their legal burden while achieving their goals and optimizing their businesses.

Whether it is forging or revising a joint venture agreement, setting up the right corporate entity, or ensuring a provision in an agreement does not unduly restrict a clients’ ability to pursue other ventures, we review and revise our clients’ contracts and legal needs to ensure their interests are protected.

We are knowledgeable in a wide variety of industries, including apparel, entertainment, medical, and real estate.   We have represented authors, banks, breweries, restauranteurs, sports-apparel companies, surgeons, and brand-name surf-wear companies, among many others.

We work closely with our clients so we understand their business interests and goals so that we can tailor our advice to their needs and requirements.

Outside Counsel Services

We advise clients on how to navigate day-to-day corporate responsibilities, including corporate housekeeping matters (such as minutes, bylaws, and annual meetings), employee agreements, rental agreements, vendor agreements, and responding to and managing internal and external disputes (such as demand letters and cease and desist letters).

We relish working on the day-to-day matters with our clients as it helps deepen our relationship and affords us the opportunity to learn more about our clients’ needs and goals.

Our understanding of disputes and contractual ambiguities enables us to see potential problems and unfair advantages built into otherwise standardized contracts with vendors and contractors. For example, vendor contracts often have built-in automated renewal clauses that are traps for the unwary and which should be stricken at the outset by responsible counsel.

Special and Material Transactions

In addition to day-to-day corporate work, we also assist our clients in preparing, reviewing, and revising special and material transactions, including the purchase or sale of a business, the incorporation of a company, or the formation of a joint venture.

We help our clients negotiate transactions and assist them in hammering out the details for a term sheet and then translating those terms into an effective, comprehensive, and well-understood agreement.

We have helped our clients prepare agreements relating to founding companies, partnerships, operating agreements, joint ventures, inventions, sponsorships, vendors, publicity, events, trademarks, licenses, leases, and real estate.

Negotiation and Mediation

We have helped our clients negotiate with partners, officers, employees, investors, venture capitalists, creditors, and their attorneys.

By employing our Firm in these circumstances, you are able to use us as your proxy and thereby remove yourself from direct interaction (and sometimes the line of fire), better protect your interests, and efficiently close a transaction or mediate a dispute.



Effective and vigorous advocacy in a court of law requires legal acumen, tenacity, and judgment.  We bring the right combination of attitude, diligence, discretion, energy, and grace necessary to persuasively advocate for your interests and convincingly make your case.  We take the reins and use our experience to guide you through the litigation process from beginning to end.


Corporate & Transactional

Entrepreneurs are focused on building and managing their businesses. We help you navigate the legal sphere throughout the life cycle of your company, whether that means incorporating the business, preparing corporate governance materials, preparing and revising agreements, or forging a partnership or joint venture. We carry the legal burden so you’re free to focus on your business.

Business Dissolutions

Ownership disputes and business dissolutions often skirt the line between litigation and transactional work. It is never easy to dissolve a partnership or corporation. We help you optimize your results, protect your assets, and maintain professionalism while seeing this difficult process through to conclusion. We vigorously advocate on your behalf and seek the best resolution possible whether via agreement or litigation or both.