Practice Areas LITIGATION

Litigation is never anybody’s first choice to resolve a dispute. But litigation is sometimes a necessary evil.  In those situations, you need an aggressive, detail-oriented, and tenacious advocate to represent your interests in a lawsuit or similar proceeding.

From the initial case review, to the pleadings, to the evidentiary stage, to the trial, we use our experience to shape the lawsuit so that it highlights the themes, evidence, and witnesses that support our clients’ claims or defenses.

Whether you’re a plaintiff or a defendant, and whether the litigation involves a dispute with a partner, a vendor, a consumer, a competing business, or another matter, litigation can be an intimidating and difficult process – but it is a process that we manage well and know how to use to our clients’ advantage.

We have represented plaintiffs and defendants in a wide spectrum of areas and successfully litigated against some of the most well-heeled law-firms money can buy.  We know how to litigate effectively and win.


Business and Commercial Litigation

The Firm regularly handles business disputes involving claims for breaches of contract or fiduciary duty, conversion, fraud, intentional interference, copyright, trademark, misappropriation of trade secrets, false advertising and unfair business practices and competition.


Defamation and Slander

Reputation is a precious asset that needs to be vigilantly defended, preserved, and policed. The Firm regularly handles disputes involving defamation and slander.


Real Property Disputes

The Firm regularly handles disputes relating to purchase and sale agreements, commercial lease agreements (landlord or tenant side), operating agreements, homeowners’ associations, boundaries, easements, and nuisances.


Securities and Investor Litigation

Whenever you invest your money and your fortunes with or at the behest of a third party, there is always a chance that you are being defrauded or otherwise exploited. The Firm regularly handles disputes against investment advisers and money managers who have misled their clients.