A person or company’s reputation is a precious, fragile, and sacrosanct asset.  Reputations can be easily harmed or destroyed by false statements in the ever-expanding media landscape of newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, blogs, and social media websites.  When your reputation is at stake, you need a lawyer that is both aggressive and careful.

We vigorously protect our clients’ reputations and take a proactive approach to such matters by preventing harmful statements from being released in the first place, or to the extent such statements have already been published, having the defamatory statements removed and expressly retracted.

There is an understandably high pleading bar for defamation claims that include punitive SLAPP protections in a variety of contexts.  Consequently, it is important to match aggression with experienced know-how to avoid the latent traps inherent in defamation claims.  If pleaded carefully and appropriately, however, claims of defamation and slander can circumvent or withstand these initial pleading hurdles and create tremendous exposure on the part of any defendant that published damaging false statements.

We take great pride in helping our clients defend their hard-earned reputations.  We also take great pride in helping our clients defend against meritless claims of defamation intended to inappropriately silence or intimidate them.   Because we understand and are comfortable with the requirements and elements of these claims, we have no trouble arguing and optimizing our clients’ positions in a case involving defamation and/or slander.

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